Monday, September 6, 2010


My first card from Texas, it's something what I've been waiting for :) I absolutely love this. I know there are also many big cities in Texas but still somehow I have a feeling this describes it very well. This card was sent from Dallas, which is the 3rd largest city in Texas. Thanks so much Carmen!

North Carolina

I gotta admit North Carolina is one of those states I don't know much about, maybe because it's not so often in news or tv shows, but I'm definitely more interested when I got this card. I was told that NC is the best state in the US and there you can find beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, plains and lots of things to do and see. I also love this card, multiviews can be kinda complicated sometimes but I love these colors :) Thanks Megan!

Opole, Poland

I love this bridge! Opole is a city in southern Poland with a population of 125,000. Thanks again Iwona!

P.S. Sorry about the small picture, but this was the maximum size Blogger allowed me to choose. Click the picture and you will see it bigger.