Friday, July 30, 2010

Harry Potter

And here comes another Harry Potter card to my HP collection! I've been a HP fan for about 8 years, and since I don't really like the movies, I prefer these art cards, I really like this style. I started reading the books again some time ago, I'm half way through the Order of the Phoenix right now. It's funny that I don't have patience to read any other books anymore, but HPs always go so fast!

btw, since the purpose of this blog is to show what cards I've got, I'm gonna upload one other HP card I got months ago as an official card from Finland. So it's not new, but since I'm always looking for HP cards, I want people to see all cards I've got just by clicking the "Harry Potter" label. :)

(received 29th of March)

Zakopane, Poland

Another ski jumping card to my collection! The ski jumping summer GP is about to start next weekend, I'm really looking forward to it, it's nice variation since this summer has been so scorching hot. (of course there's no snow, but even in August ski jumping always reminds me of winter! xD)
Thanks Sylwia!

Triglav, Slovenia

Beautiful views from Triglav, which is the highest mountain in Slovenia and also the highest peak of the Julian Alps. It's 2,864 meters high and was first visited in 1778. Thanks again for your nice postcards Ivana!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A postcard from Fort Myers, FL, and some stuff about thunderstorms!

Another beautiful beach postcard from my friend Katya in Florida! Actually right now we're having the hottest day of this summer in Finland. They just said on the news that there's been a new Finnish all-time record of +37,2 celsius (98,6 fahrenheit) in Joensuu, the city in eastern Finland where we visited 2 weeks ago. The last record was +35,9 C and it was measured almost 100 years ago, in 1914, so this is definitely something new! Here in Kalajoki it's been around +33.

We've also had some huge thunderstorms, I like those. Last night we had to switch off all power and internet connections many times because those storms were so huge, and luckily there wasn't any damage. I managed to take some cool pictures and also this video:

I know it doesn't look so cool in this video, but oh my gosh we just freaked out and my eyes hurt many hours after that. I also had to cut few seconds off from the ending because me and my mom were swearing, lol. xD

There are more storms coming later today, I think!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Star Wars

Today I got this nice Star Wars postcard from my favorites! I've been a Star Wars fan for 5 years, I mainly prefer the new trilogy but it doesn't matter when it comes to postcards. And this was actually my first SW card! It seems this picture is cover of a comic book released in 1978. It's from a collection called "The Art of Star Wars Comics: 100 Collectable Postcards", I googled that and found out is selling those. I might not be ordering that, but it would be nice to try to collect all of those cards (or at least as many as possible) though Postcrossing!
Hey! I was on a holiday in eastern Finland for 5 days, that's why I haven't updated my blog in a while. We stayed near to the Koli National Park, which is one of the 35 national parks in Finland. We visited the highest point (347 meters) and it was really beautiful. We also visited Joensuu (which is a city near to the border of Russia) and a Kaj Stenvall art gallery in a town called Juuka. You know, I really didn't like Kaj Stenvall's art before I started Postcrossing, but now I love his style!

But here comes the best moment of my holiday: I visited a festival called Ilosaarirock and saw my favorite band Bad Religion! gosh it was amazing. I was in the 2nd row so just guess how crazy it was when everybody just screamed and jumped. I lost my voice and every single muscle of my body hurt next morning (and still!!!) but it was totally worth it!

I sent postcards from Koli to my 10 Postcrossing friends, if you think you weren't on the list and would like to get a card (I still have some), just ask :)

Here you can see the direct swaps and tag cards I got during the 5 days:

^ from Tampere, Finland

^ from Santa Monica, California, USA

^ from Tyumen, Russia

^ from Novomoskovsk, Russia

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I got these AMAZING postcards from my friend in Slovenia! They're so beautiful, I guess you can't even find ugly postcards there, haha!

Denver, Colorado

I saw this card on some time ago and fell in love, and asked the sender if they have any extra copies of it. Luckily they did! I really love this landscape. In the back you can see the Rocky Mountains and Mt. Sopris, which is 12,965 feet (3,951 meters) high.
Unfortunately there are some damages as you can see; that's what Finnish postal service is known of. But that's what happens sometimes!

Vienna, Austria

My penpal from Italy sent this nice postcards from her trip in Vienna, Austria! It must be a beautiful city. Thanks so much!

Drawienski National Park, Poland

Beautiful view of Drawienski National Park in Poland. Thanks Iwona!

Formula 1

My first F1 card, sent from Shanghai, China! So awesome! Well, it doesn't include any of my favorite drivers, but I didn't even expect that, haha.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

This photo is taken in Windsor, Ontario, but the city you see is Detroit. Just imagine how cool it must be when you're in Canada and looking at another country! Haha ;D (just look at Google Street View if you don't believe it's possible!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island and the Star Ferry from the Ocean Terminal at night. Amazing view, and what's even better, it's my first card from Hong Kong! I love how those city lights reflect in the water.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lahore, Pakistan

I can't describe how happy I was when I found this from my mailbox! Though I was expecting a card from Pakistan, since this was direct swap with my new friend, but still - so awesome! This was also my first card from Pakistan (or even from South Asia!).

Lahore is the 2nd biggest city in Pakistan, its population is about 10 million (twice as much as in the whole Finland...) and it has been ranked as the 2nd Best Tourist Destination in Pakistan. In this card you can see the Badshahi Mosque, which is the 2nd largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia, and the 5th largest in the whole world. It was built in 1673.
If you Google 'Badshahi Mosque' you will see some great photos of it at night!

Thanks so much Imran! :)

Used Finnish stamps from early 2000's


Is there anybody who collects used stamps? I used to have many Finnish penpals during the years 2001-2004, so I also got lots of stamps. Since I don't collect them, I decided to cut them all off of envelopes and put them up for trade. I'm not looking for stamps in return, only postcards. :)

If you're interested, take a look at here!

Don't hesitate to contact me if there's something you would like. All of those stamps are from early 2000's and none of them are available in stores anymore.

I've only went through of about 30 percent of those envelopes, so there will be more if people want!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wisla, Poland & Boca Raton, Florida

My new friend from Poland sent me this amazing view of Wisla! Wisla is a small town in southern Poland, and maybe best-known for being the hometown of ski jumper Adam Malysz. I've been watching ski jumping for many years, and remember how the Finnish commentators always tell that the whole Wisla town is crazy about ski jumping ;)
Thanks so much Iwona!

I also got this fantastic card from Florida; I don't usually show official cards here, but this one is so amazing that I just have to!

I don't get official cards from USA too often (I've sent 21 and got 8!) even though I'd love to, and it always feels that the ones I get are everything else but viewcards. This is just perfect for me! Thanks so much!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Must have known I forgot something! Another delicious card from Asta... I guess we all love strawberries?! ;D And 'kesä' means summer, in case you were wondering.

I haven't uploaded any cards since last Tuesday, sorry about that. I've been really busy and on top of it all I haven't been so much into postcards lately, I don't know why... But I hope I will catch it again soon :)

I've got lots of cards so I'll upload them all in this same post.

^ from Fort Myers, Florida

^ from Istanbul, Turkey

^ from Zakopane, Poland

^ from Izmir, Turkey

from my friend in Slovenia; a card from my favorites! What a stunning view!

^ from Netherlands; my 2nd Winnie The Pooh card!