Thursday, July 29, 2010

A postcard from Fort Myers, FL, and some stuff about thunderstorms!

Another beautiful beach postcard from my friend Katya in Florida! Actually right now we're having the hottest day of this summer in Finland. They just said on the news that there's been a new Finnish all-time record of +37,2 celsius (98,6 fahrenheit) in Joensuu, the city in eastern Finland where we visited 2 weeks ago. The last record was +35,9 C and it was measured almost 100 years ago, in 1914, so this is definitely something new! Here in Kalajoki it's been around +33.

We've also had some huge thunderstorms, I like those. Last night we had to switch off all power and internet connections many times because those storms were so huge, and luckily there wasn't any damage. I managed to take some cool pictures and also this video:

I know it doesn't look so cool in this video, but oh my gosh we just freaked out and my eyes hurt many hours after that. I also had to cut few seconds off from the ending because me and my mom were swearing, lol. xD

There are more storms coming later today, I think!

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