Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to my blog!


My name is Salla, I'm 17 year old girl from Finland. I decided to create this blog and dedicate it to one of my favorite hobbies: Postcrossing. I started it in December 2009 and instantly got addicted - it was something where I could combine my interests: writing, traveling, chatting with people from all around the world and learning new things about their countries and cultures.

My first card traveled to USA. I was so excited about it, since USA has always been my favorite country. I'm interested in pretty much everything about it: cultures, traditions, politics, demographics, history, and so on. I've never got a chance to visit USA, but I will do that someday.

So anyways, besides official Postcrossing cards I send many direct swaps and participate in tags (on forum), and I'll upload my received cards here. I've already received about 70 cards, so it'll take some time to post them all. Before this I uploaded them to Photobucket and then to flickr, but realized this blog system is much easier.

I also use Google Maps to map all places I've got these cards from. You can see it here:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, don't hesitate to comment if you have something to say.
Happy Postcrossing! :)

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