Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BY-58286: Minsk, Belarus

Just yesterday I almost wrote a new post and complained about how I hadn't got cards in many days and how frustated I feel. But then I decided to not to post it, since I felt so arrogant... Well, nevermind. Today I got this official card from Minsk, Belarus. I think the pictures are amazing, but even better was the message the sender wrote. And the card arrived just at the perfect time (after traveling for 49 days), and this probably sounds crazy, but just when I've had a hard time dealing with other people's opinions, so this card really gave me motivation.

During a year I've heard lot of crap about myself because I'm straight edge (I don't smoke, drink or use drugs) and people always tell me how boring person I must be, and some even tell me I should start acting like "a normal teenager": start drinking and act like a fool. I can tell I'm that kind of person who's easily hurt, and everytime people tell me stuff like that I take it very personally. This has happened many times during few days now, so I can say it's been really hard.
This person told me how much he respects people who are straight edges, and I must agree that those people are really rare, especially teenagers. It's hard to explain how much these words mean to me, but they do, A LOT. Next time when somebody tries to break me down, I will just read this card again and think I'm just the person I want to be. :)

Almost forgot these explanations:
  • (smallest pictures) : The Museum of architecture and the way of life. Strochizy (vill.).
  • (medium-sized) : Lake Volchino. Vitebsk region.
  • (largest picture) : The ethnographic museum. Dudutki. Minsk region.


  1. I love this set! Despite being multiview, all pictures are of very good quality :) I really enjoy sending these cards!