Monday, June 14, 2010

Got 5 cards today - 4 of them were official. First one is from Siberia, from a big city called Novosibirsk. And it traveled in only 13 days, that's fast when talking about Russia! And the best part, the sender told me he likes punk rock ;)

The rest of the official cards weren't so great, to be honest. I got a "card" from Ukraine, but it wasn't a real postcard, just a photo. Isn't Postcrossing about sending POSTCARDS?! The next one is from Australia, I was excited when I looked at the text, but then noticed it's just a sepia-colored art card, and I don't really appreciate art. My number-one wish is to receive all kinds of viewcards, but that's what I got. :(

The last card was from USA, it's always great to receive cards there. The card is about "The Ed Sullivan Show" (also known as "Toast of the Town"), which was a popular variety show and originally ran on CBS from 1948 to 1971. The card in itself is really great, but it was a little damaged, probably thanks to Finnish postal service.
It's always nice to receive cards which tell something about American culture and these kinds of things. I often watch American talk shows, but actually the only host I find funny is Conan O'Brien, he's been my favorite for many years. Every time I think about Conan I'm proud to be a Finn ;) But it's a shame what happened to him with The Tonight Show.

But, here's the direct swap card I got. Another beautiful card from my friend in Slovenia! Even better, it traveled in 4 days and in perfect condition :) Thanks Ivana!

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